Saturday 31 July 2010

I'm calling myself a runner these days

So, just over three months since running the marathon, and joining the gym, I've lost a fair bit of weight, and am much much fitter. I'm really pleased with how the whole regime is going, although we went on holiday to the gorgeous Turkish coast a few weeks ago which really screwed up my schedule! Getting back on track now, and planning to run 6 miles this morning, 9 miles tomorrow, and will be back in the gym on Monday...I call myself a runner, and have finally got to the stage of actually quite enjoying the running, even thought of course sometimes it's still really hard to get out of bed and actually get the trainers on!

I've invested hundreds of pounds in a decent GPS running watch - my Garmin 405 - which has made a massive difference to not only my motivation but also my speed. I love coming back from a run, plugging it in and analysing the data it's captured. Would definitely reccomend it!

Anyhoo, I did a half marathon last month, a 10km, and a have another half in a couple of week...and yet another booked for October.

I'm a runner now, and absolutely loving it.