Monday 16 July 2018

My 100 marathons & my next challenge

When Francis and I first got together in 2006, I didn’t run, in fact, I didn’t do any exercise at all. I didn’t own a bike, had never run, I was not the outdoors type – I liked a pub or a club, dancing and drinking.

After being utterly inspired by watching the 2007 London Marathon (not on TV but out on the course for the first time) I got a charity place, started running for the first time ever, and ran London myself the following year in April 2008. I enjoyed it but I thought I had achieved as much as I wanted and stopped running. 18 months later I decided I should have another go. My second marathon was in April 2010 and I haven’t looked back.

Since then, life has changed immeasurably – we’re now married, with our awesome toddler twins, and our crazy spaniel. I watch sport on TV, love cycling and walking, don’t really drink, and I have now run 100 "unofficial" marathons or ultra events, completing the 100th on Saturday at XNRG’s Chiltern Challenge 50km event, a glorious, gorgeous event up and down the Chiltern Hills. 

I’ve had some amazing experiences along the way.

Finishing as third lady (behind my hero, first placed Mimi Anderson) at GUCR, a 145 mile non-stop race between Birmingham and London is absolutely my highlight. My first 100 miler, finishing in 22:20 and having a near perfect race comes close. But there have been lots of others. Brathay Trust's 10 marathons in 10 days event in the Lake District was incredibly special and I have loved all the multi-day events I’ve done where you’re in an insular, protected running world the whole time you’re there. The five times I've run St Peter's Way 45 mile race. I ran a 50km trail race at 3 months pregnant. There’s been a mixture of glorious trail and focused road runs. Single lap races, many laps, A-B, even 40 miles on a treadmill (although I didn’t enjoy that at the time!). The beyond beautiful Larmer Tree marathon and the stunning Cotsworld Challenge. The overnight Saffron Trail 70 miler was a great adventure. I’ve run abroad in the sunshine, up and down a pier for 26.2 miles, along a beach in a hurricane, and I've run a marathon with my own crew car as part of  record breaking relay around Great Britain. I managed to get a Good for Age place in London back in 2013…I used to be a lot faster (although we could only take a week's honeymoon after we got married as I had to get back for the race). I’ve been on the podium a few times, won a couple of races – I’ve got some trophies and a magnificent medal collection. I even have a running tattoo. With the very generous support of my friends and family, I’ve managed to raise over £15,500 for various charities.

I have met some great friends, had lots of laughs, and become part of an incredibly supportive, wonderful community.  Blood, sweat and tears is true too though - I’ve been injured, I've endured, cried tears of pain and frustration, got frighteningly lost and I’ve had two races that I didn’t complete - the dreaded DNFs. 

I’ve crewed at races, supporting runners and manning checkpoints – a very special experience that all runners should do at least a few times! Without a doubt I would not have made it this far without the support of the RDs, race officials, check point teams and marshals at these races - they are the lifeblood of events and absolutely make dreams come true for runners. Particular thanks to Lindley & Maxine of Challenge Running, Traviss & Rachel from SVN, Foxy from Enigma, Karen from all the races(!) Nici at Centurion, and Aly at Brathay, who have each made a world of difference to my running successes.

I have discovered that I am a stronger, more resilient and more dedicated person than I could have imagined – a different person to that party girl that my husband first knew. I have to thank him too for the absolute support he has shown me through the years - always believing in me, and never challenging my  most far fetched plans. I know it's not always been easy to have me away training or racing so much, especially when he's had to get up ridiculously early as a result, but I  do hugely appreciate it. 

There are more goals for the future, a faster GUCR, some more 100 milers, a sub 3:30 marathon, maybe revive a plan I had a few years ago about completing an Ironman.

But my immediate goal, after my actual 100th, had been to complete my "official" 100th later this year at Centurion's Autumn 100 mile race, which would earn me full membership of the 100 Marathon Club - unfortunately 3 of my events don't count for the Club so I need to get to 103 by my total. As part of that event, I was also going to raise money in memory of our much loved, much missed family member Catherine, who passed away at the beginning of the year.

However, I am having to put this event on hold, and although this is still absolutely planned for the future, it may be a few years down the line. 

"Why?" I hear you ask. Well, that 50km I ran while I was pregnant? That was this weekend…Yes, that's right. I'm pregnant again, and although naturally nervous about adding to our brood, we're very excited about it.

I'm keeping my sponsorship page open though, so if anyone would like to donate to the Brain Tumour Charity in celebration of my "unofficial" 100 marathons achievement, that would be fantastic. Please take a look:

So, we have a new baby on the way, due early 2019, and he or she is my new focus. I’ll do a bit of running over the next few months to keep me sane but the very long distances are an unnecessary risk so all other plans are on hold during the rest of my pregnancy. 

Looking after three children under three will be my next big challenge and my official 100 will have to wait just a little bit longer...