Monday 14 October 2019

Three under three and that coveted shirt

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted -it's just been such an incredibly busy time. Our wonderful son, Alexander, was born in February 2019, and he's the loveliest baby. Happy, smiley and sociable - I feel very lucky. Looking after him, and our fabulous twins, leaves me with my hands full though, and there's not been much time for running and certainly not much time for blogging!

Three children under three is a challenge especially as we have problems with their sleep, and so I frequently get just three or four very broken hours a night, leaving me pretty exhausted.

However, I've been able to fit a few miles in now and then, and since Xander was born 8 months ago, I've run the Southend half marathon, two marathons and the Stour Valley Path 50km.

I've loved taking part in all of those events, but was particularly pleased to take part in the Saxons, Vikings & Normans marathon which was my official 100th, earning me full membership of the 100 Marathon Club so I'm now entitled to wear full club colours and am the very proud owner of the coveted 100 Marathon Club shirt.

It was a really great day and it was very special to be presented with my shirt by Traviss Wilcox who has been a mainstay of my running journey since I met him at my first ultra in 2012. I'm so proud of my achievement - I sometimes thought I'd never get there - and am so happy to be part of the club. The only sadness is that the 100 Marathon Club isn't, for me, what it was a few years ago, where I seemed to know so many more people and really felt part of things. There have been a lot of "politics" and people have fallen out, and it's all been a bit unpleasant, added to the fact that I've really not been part of the regular running scene for a few years, but I'm hopeful that things will be improve and I can really enjoy wearing the shirt and the recognition it will bring from other club members at races.