Tuesday 7 February 2023


Over the last few months, I have been running less and less. I didn't really get back into training after my GUCR DNF, and although I had a brilliant day out at the Rhino Run in November, where I somehow finished a marathon, I've barely been running since. 

I've had a few weeks of some consistent runs, and have been going out occasionally with Chewie for two or three miles, but then something happens which throws me off track, and each time I start again, I'm that bit more unfit, that bit heavier, and it all feels that bit more difficult, so the running is less fun, and I'm less motivated to keep going.

I took the decision today to cancel all of my races that I had planned through the next six months, as I know I'm not fit enough to do any of them justice, or to enjoy them. I need to concentrate on building a good base, and dropping the weight I'm managed to put on over the last three years, get back to parkrun and then hopefully I'll be ready for a half marathon or two before the end of the year. 

I have a target of 50lbs to lose - I'm managed to get myself to the heaviest weight I've ever been, even before I started running! It's a pretty miserable place to be. I'm planning on using the Maffetone method to build my fitness, as it turns out that is also shot - I went for a three mile test the other day, trying to keep my heart rate at the recommended level, of 135 beats per minute. I could only manage a brisk walk! I have a long way to go until I am fit enough to comfortably run a marathon again, at any pace, and it'll be even longer before I can find some speed, but being fat and unfit is SO depressing, and bad for my health, I really have to try and take some control of things. The only way is up, and so, yet again, I'm starting from scratch, on my very own #couchtoultra plan!