Monday 25 February 2013

Not so shiny new shoes

Yesterday, I ran (and more importantly and surprisingly finished) the St Peter's Way 45 mile ultra brand new shoes! I know it was a stupid and risky thing to do, but I had to wear trail shoes to cope with the cross country route, didn't have any, bought a pair of Salomon Speedcross, and then didn't get a chance to break them in.

So I wore them anyway but luckily they were absolutely fine and I got away with it, with just a tiny blister on the side of my big toe!

The event itself was brilliant, and I'm going to write a decent blog post about the whole thing, but for the time being will leave you with the pictures of my shoes. One photo was taken on Wednesday when I bought them, the other, 45 miles later, after the race....


  1. Indeed, I was mightily impressed by your spanking brand new Salomons. I was slightly aghast that you were going to run in them imagining some horrific post-race story of skinless heels but I think you may have found some friends their in the form of running shoes...amazing.

    BTW Good to see you yesterday.

  2. Congrats! Love the shoes, I have the same, were an October bday present. :D Not sure I've even run 45 miles in mine yet tho.