Thursday, 28 November 2013

Blogs with Buzz

A few weeks ago, I posted about doing a photo-shoot for the magazine Top Santé, as I had been asked to be part of a feature they were doing on bloggers…yesterday I had an email to tell me that the magazine is now on the shelves!

I unashamedly rushed out to buy a copy at lunch, and immediately flicked through to find the article, entitled “Blogs with Buzz”. There was my photo on the glossy pages, although, unfortunately, as I often am, I was disappointed with the picture that they’d chosen to use. 

But never mind the photo…I’m considering it a real honour that out of all the awesome fitness bloggers there are out there, they chose me to be included in the feature, that they considered this blog worthy of the publicity, and that they wanted to tell my story. it is...and if can actually want to read the article there's a larger version here:

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