Monday 13 May 2013

What a difference a day makes

For our fourth lap of the lake, we finally had some good weather!! What an absolute godsend it was…it made an world of difference to today’s marathon for me. Although the wind was cold and strong, for the majority of the time I was running, there were patches of blue skies and, unbelievably, sunshine. The feeling of the sun on my skin was wonderful after those long days of rain and made me smile lots of times today! I was so grateful!

As well as the weather, there was great support out on the course again, and it’s amazing just how much the sight of a vehicle surrounded by people in high-vis jackets can cheer you up! I was also incredibly pleased that as I ran up ice-cream mountain for the very first time instead of walking it, the support bus passed me…with Jim leaning out the window cheering me on.That was great timing guys :D

Before we started the run this morning, I was nabbed by Martin for a quick interview about how it was all going…which wasn’t as awful as I expected but is still something I dread. He’s also progressed from just having his camera on the tripod and we now have bike-cam too where he rides alongside for a bit, filming up as we run. When I saw him today on the bike, it was actually really nice to have a bit of company! I’m still too embarrassed to watch any the footage that’s gone up online, but I’m sure that once all this is over I will do…as Aly said today, I’m going to really miss Brathay and the 10in10 and will want to relive it – I totally agree!!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself…we’re not even half way through yet so back to today, the 4th marathon.  I was in a much better place in my mind today than yesterday despite having quite significant pain in my right knee from pretty much half a mile in until the end, by which time it was major pain in my knee, spreading all the way up my thigh, meeting the pain that was spreading down from my hip! Nevertheless, I still managed to enjoy myself although I did struggle with any sort of pace, particularly going down hill which really hurt.I walked a fair bit too which left me with my slowest marathon so far, at about 4.50. But that’s to be expected on day 4, and I’m over the moon that I had another sub 5hr run.

I had an excellent physio session this evening, and I think they’ve worked out what’s wrong with my hip too, which has been problematic since before I arrived at Brathay, so hopefully tomorrow wont be quite as painful as it was today.  But who knows. I brought some pretty strong painkillers with me so might have to start popping some pills out on the course. But whatever it takes…all I need to concentrate on is getting to the start line each morning, as once you’re on your way around the lake, nothing would stop you finishing!

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