Tuesday 2 July 2013

Have you fallen off the wagon?

Below is a fantastic post that I'm sharing from a blog I discovered today called "How not to eat chocolate cake".  The whole blog is like it's been written just for me...but of course it hasn't because so many thousands of people struggle with their relationship with food. I'm going to keep reading the post below until, hopefully, it finally sinks in....

The only time a person EVER “falls off a wagon”
is when there’s a wagon to fall off of; 
a set of rules, ideals, or beliefs around food that we let determine how we feel about ourselves. 
“I was sooo good with food yesterday, and today, I SUCK.”
sound familiar?
and I’m guessing that when you go into the place of “I suck,”
when you “fall off the wagon,”
you fall hard. Like knee-deep-in-brownie-batter-hard. 
Not fun, and so avoidable. 
If you want to make peace with food, and stop shame-eating cookies in the middle of the night,
Ask yourself,
what “wagons” am I trying not to fall off of?
Where am I judging my performance with food? 
Where did I draw an imaginary line of “not okay?”
Because as long as there’s a wagon to fall off of, you WILL fall off of it eventually.
You see,
“Falling off” is not your problem. Your wagon is your problem.

- See more at: http://www.isabelfoxenduke.com/#sthash.z1fCCnRI.dpuf


  1. Naomi, I don't think I have ever been on a wagon...less distance to fall :-)

    1. Ha! :) We're so different - wish I were more like you! One day...