Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Running in the snow?

The back garden
For the last few days, Britain has been in the grip of a (very early and unexpected) big freeze and for the last two mornings, we've woken up to an amazing snowfall over night, and loads of snow on the ground!  Our car is (nearly) snowed in, and walking to the train station to get to work has been great fun, especially as I leave the house so early, and I get to make big wellie footprints in the virgin snow before everyone has made their mark. The problem though is that I can't run in it. I know that there are loads of people who love running in the snow, and extol the virtues of getting out there in such Arctic conditions, and I've heard it's like running in the sand so it makes your muscles work harder than my usual pounding on the tarmac.  However, as much as I'm worrying about my enforced running break, I know that I'm have enough trouble walking to the station in the snow without slipping over, or twisting my ankle as I disappear down a hidden kerb, and if I try to run, I'll injure myself before I get to the end of our road!

The front garden
Oh, and it's cold...really minus 10oC with the wind chill, and I'm a bit of a wimp!

So, I'm going to the gym.  I hate treadmills, but with enough effort on the cross trainer, the rower and the bike, I'm determined to keep my fitness, and get myself ready for my next race, which is in just two weeks!

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